Fly in 4 Graduation Agreement

Fly in 4 Graduation Agreement

I am committed to graduating from Temple University in four years.

To achieve this goal, I agree to:

  1. review, accept and submit this Fly in 4 agreement by the last day of the add/drop period in my first semester at Temple.
  2. consult with an academic advisor at least once each semester to review my academic plan and progress toward my degree.
  3. register for classes during the priority registration period for each semester and select courses consistent with my academic plan.
  4. notify an academic advisor, no later than the first day of the semester in which the course is needed, if a course in my academic plan is not available.
  5. advance annually in class standing by completing at least 30 credits per year and as required by my academic plan.
  6. have a graduation review in my school or college prior to the start of my senior year to verify that I am on track to graduate on time.

Temple University will:

  1. provide a four-year academic plan for your primary major.
  2. provide access to academic advising each semester.
  3. provide degree audit reports outlining your program requirements and academic progress.
  4. where appropriate, provide acceptable course alternatives or substitutions when you notify academic advisors of the unavailability of a required course.
  5. conduct a graduation review to verify your progress toward your degree and eligibility for graduation.
  6. inform you if you do not satisfy a Fly in 4 requirement and provide advising regarding your academic progress.

If I meet all obligations of this Fly in 4 agreement and still cannot graduate in four years due to the unavailability of necessary courses for my primary major, Temple University will provide me with the opportunity to complete the course(s) required for my degree, free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

If I am in a program designated to take longer than four years to complete, I am committing to graduate in the prescribed amount of time according to my academic plan.