Q: What is Fly in 4?
A: Fly in 4 is a partnership between freshmen entering Temple in the fall semester and the university to promote graduation in four years.

Q: When did Fly in 4 begin?
A: Fly in 4 was announced in January 2014 and began for freshmen entering fall 2014. Future freshmen classes will be invited to participate.

Q: Why should students agree to Fly in 4?
A: By graduating in four years, students reduce debt and control costs, eventually bettering their quality of life and quickening their entry into the college-educated workforce.

Q: Who may sign the Fly in 4 partnership agreement?
A: Full-time freshmen entering in the fall semester may sign the Fly in 4 agreement. Transfer students may also be eligible (see next question).

Q: May transfer students participate?
A: Transfer students entering in a fall semester must consult their advisors to determine if prior attendance and credits earned elsewhere—combined with the remaining credits Temple requires—will allow them to earn a degree in a total of four years. If the answer is yes, transfer students are eligible for Fly in 4.

Q: How do students sign up?
A: Log on to TUportal, Temple's electronic access point for technology resources. There, students can access the agreement, sign it and submit it during the add/drop period in their first semester at Temple.

Q: What are the students’ responsibilities in the Fly in 4 agreement?
 Students who agree to fly in 4 must follow the agreement’s checkpoints in order to stay on track to graduate in four years. Students’ responsibilities are:

  • review, accept and submit the Fly in 4 agreement by the last day of the add/drop period in your first semester at Temple.
  • consult with an academic advisor at least once per semester to review your academic plan and progress toward your degree.
  • register for classes during the priority registration period for each semester and select courses consistent with your academic plan.
  • notify an academic advisor, no later than the first day of the semester in which the course is needed, if a course in your academic plan is not available.
  • advance annually in class standing by completing at least 30 credits per year and as required by your academic plan.
  • have a graduation review in your school or college prior to the start of your senior year to verify that you are on track to graduate on time.

Q: What are the university’s responsibilities?
A: Temple University's responsibilities are to:

  • provide a four-year academic plan for students’ primary majors.
  • provide access to academic advising each semester.
  • provide audit reports that outline students’ program requirements and academic progress.
  • where appropriate, provide acceptable course alternatives or substitutions when students notify academic advisors that required courses are unavailable.
  • conduct graduation reviews to verify students’ progress toward their degrees and graduation eligibility.
  • inform students if they do not satisfy Fly in 4 requirements and provide advising regarding their academic progress.

Q: What if an academic program is designed to take more than four years?
A: If students enroll in degree programs that requires four and a half years or more to complete, they will be eligible to participate in Fly in 4 and must graduate on time according to the degree program in which they are enrolled.

Q: What is a Fly in 4 grant?
A: Students who sign the Fly in 4 agreement and meet checkpoints annually, and who have demonstrated financial need as determined through the FAFSA, are eligible for Fly in 4 grants. Five hundred $4,000 annual grants will be provided to eligible students.

Q. If students received their aid packages already, does that mean they did not get a Fly in 4 grant?
A: No. Fly in 4 grants were not included in the original aid packages. If students complete the steps necessary to be considered for a Temple Fly in 4 grant, they will receive an email via TUmail directing them to the TUportal for updated financial-award letters reflecting the additional Fly in 4 support.

Q: Can current students apply for Fly in 4 grants?
A: No. Fly in 4 grants are designated for freshmen who began at Temple in fall 2014. Temple has other types of financial-aid programs that benefit all students. Students with questions or concerns about finanical aid should contact a Temple University financial-aid counselor.

Q. Do students receiving president’s or provost’s scholarships qualify for Fly in 4 grants to cover their other expenses?
A: The Fly in 4 grants are designed to help students with significant financial need who are not receiving substantial financial assistance from other sources.

Q: Are dependents of Temple employees who receive tuition remission eligible for Fly in 4 grants?
A: The Fly in 4 grants are designed to help students with significant financial need who are not receiving substantial financial assistance from other sources.

Q: What happens if students meet all the obligations and cannot graduate on time?
A: If students meet all the obligations of the Fly in 4 agreement and still cannot graduate in four years due to the unavailability of courses necessary for their primary majors, Temple will provide them with the opportunity to complete the course(s) required for the degree—free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

Q: Can Fly in 4 students study abroad or take internships?
A: Yes! Learn moreAdvisors also can provide guidance on how to incorporate study-abroad, research or internship opportunities into four-year academic plans.

Q: What if students miss checkpoints?
A: Students must consult with academic advisors to determine whether or not they are still eligible in the program. Missing checkpoints does not necessarily mean students cannot graduate in four years, but it might affect whether or not remaining tuition costs are covered by Temple.

Q: Can students change their majors?
A: Academic advisors can help students develop revised academic plans. Though changing majors might require additional coursework, graduation in four years still might be possible.

Q: What if an approved leave of absence is needed?
A: If an approved leave of absence is needed, students must meet with their academic advisors to determine if such leave will prevent graduation in four years.

Q: What happens if students sign the agreement and then want to opt out of it?
A: Students may always elect to take advantage of opportunities that might delay graduation beyond four years. There is no penalty for opting out of the Fly in 4 agreement.