Fly in 4 Contest

Fly in 4 Contest

What would you do with $35,000? That’s the question we ask our new students every year as part of the Fly in 4 contest.

Thirty-five thousand dollars are about how much an extra year of college costs. We want to know how you’d spend that money if you Fly in 4 and avoid spending it on a fifth year of college.

Here are our three contest winners from the Class of 2020.

The “most Fly in 4-ish” award

  • “With $35,000, I would buy 34,999 stickers congratulating myself on not having to pay for another year of college education.”―Brandon Greb

​​​The “most Temple pride” award

  • “If I had $35K I would buy 2,333 Temple T-shirts because you could never have enough Temple pride or T-shirts.”―Tu Nguyen

The “more than you’ll ever need” award

  • “With $35,000 I could buy 4,380.5 months’ worth of Netflix.”―Melinda Eap [Editor’s note: That’s equal to about 365 years.]

Students in the Class of 2021 who sign up for Fly in 4 can take part in the contest in the summer of 2017.