Temple's Commitment to Affordability

Temple's Commitment to Affordability

Fly in 4 is only one of several ways the university helps its students become financially prepared for life after college. Temple also:

  • limits tuition.  In the past three years, Temple has kept tuition increases to an average of slightly more than 2 percent.

  • increases scholarships.  In recent years, Temple's donors have nearly doubled their financial support for students.

  • teaches financial literacy. Temple offers Inve$ting for the Future and Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning, two courses to educate students about financial basics.

  • provides educational tools. Students can visit the Student Loan and Money Management Center to learn about loans, credit and financing a college education.

  • improves efficiency. Temple has cut its operating costs significantly over the past decade, reducing the inflation-adjusted cost of education by nearly 10 percent.

  • readies students for the real world. When Temple students graduate, they have the professional skills and networking connections they need to succeed in the real world.

In order to fulfill its promise, Temple also has invested heavily in advising. The university has hired 60 new, full-time advisors since 2006. Faculty members also assist students with curricula and career planning, and Temple has created graduation maps for every major.